Welcome to the Ohio State University Traffic Monitoring Laboratory (TML). Our goals are to improve methods for traffic surveillance and extract new information from the existing infrastructure. These data will be used to improve traffic control and advance traffic flow theory. In other words, we are developing truly intelligent transportation systems through the judicious application of advanced technologies to transportation problems. This laboratory is an interdisciplinary effort between the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering, with collaborations extending through several other disciplines.

The TML is the next phase in a long history of highway traffic research in Ohio. Dating back to the seminal work of Greenshields (1935) to more advanced photogrammetry techniques of Treiterer (1975) and spanning what is possibly the first automated highway research. In fact the TML includes the portion of freeway that Treiter studied 40 years ago.

Our sponsors and partners include

Data sources

The TML collects individual vehicle actuations, 24 hours a day from two testbeds:

We use probe vehicles equipped with various sensors to monitor the traffic flow both within the CMFMS and in non-instrumented facilities. Finally, we are also working in conjunction with NCRST-F to extract traffic flow information from remote sensed data, ranging from satellite imagery to deploying Uninhabited Airborne Vehicles (UAVs).

Our efforts are devoted to quality research and we are bringing the web presence on-line as time allows. Check back and watch these pages grow.

For further questions on the TML, please contact Coifman.1@OSU.edu


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  • Treiterer, J., (1975) Investigation of Traffic Dynamics by Aerial Photogrammetry Techniques, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

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